Susan Mikula, American Device: Recent Photographs 2.25.10 – 3.27.10

Another one of our artists is exhibiting some great work. If you’re in San Francisco check it out the images are amazing.
The 15th exhibition in the room for paper showcases recent photographs by Susan Mikula, whose work was introduced in the gallery last September in the Transfocus group show. Mikula lives and works in New York and Western Massachusetts with her partner, political commentator Rachel Maddow.

The pieces for this series, entitled American Device, were all photographed in 2009 at locations along the Port of Long Beach in California and the industrial ocean front from New Orleans to Galveston, particularly the Bolivar Peninsula. They were shot with a vintage Polaroid SX-70 using outdated film.

Mikula’s approach shares formal concerns with painters in the gallery in that she pays particular attention to the physicality and scale of her supports, and her use of an almost impressionistic focus emphasizes color and light. The softening of Mikula’s industrial landscape is reminiscent of Monet’s study of the Rouen Cathedral. Her consideration of her picture as an object, however, aligns her with the dialogue amongst painters in the wake of Robert Ryman’s white paintings. Her imagery is evocative, calling up intangible feelings and associations, yet her means are disciplined, drawing upon the full range of her photographic medium to assert a concrete presence.

– George Lawson

George Lawson Gallery
49 Geary 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108
+1 415 772 0977

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