Ken Allen Digital completes exhibit for the House of the Americas centennial exhibit.
House of the Americas Turns 100: Paul Philippe Cret and the Architecture of Dialogue An exhibition on the Organization of American States (OAS) Headquarters Building

Ken Allen Digital located in Alexandria, VA recently completed the printing, fabrication and installation of the graphics for this centennial celebration. Working with Pure + Applied, a design firm in New York, the exhibit transformed the entire first floor of the Art Museum of the Americas located at 201 18th Street, NW Washington, DC.

12 foot by 25 foot wall graphic

Full-size wall graphics reproduce the original building plans on a large scale – 12 feet tall and up to 25 feet long – to dramatic effect.
This exhibit is one of the first using a new medium that has better density and color than the standard wall vinyls. Seams are more invisible and the polypropylene base is uniquely strong for its light weight, allowing for greater versatility and better installation results.
KAD began the project by digitizing and retouching almost 50 vintage photographs from the collections of OAS, setting up a temporary digitization system on-site in their library. Photographs were scanned at a very high resolution of up to 1200ppi to allow for extreme enlargement and rendering of all photographic details.

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