August one day print for all

image by: Gary Noel •

We had a great turnout for our 60 Minutes of Printing for $60 event. Some very talented photographers/artists showed up to take advantage of the program. It was nice to make some BIG prints for artists/photographers projects that had great merit, but needed their own financial stimulus plan. Often times photographers are cost conscious and therefore limit the size of their prints even though they know a certain image will look better larger. By charging a flat rate for the hour most photographers opted for large prints and took full advantage of their one hour time slot; And in Karen Fuchs lucky position, where the appointment after her was a no show,  she had a 2 hour time slot in which she printed 6 30” x 40” prints! Some of the images we had the privilege of printing:

image by: Karen Fuchs •

“am in love with my prints, and so excited to finally have something for my own walls!”

image by: Erica Simone

image by: Erica Mcdonald •

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