Bowing down to Lars Tunbjörk

An image of a man surrounded by tress in an astronaut suit was stuck in my head yesterday while listening to Empty Room by Arcade Fire. I don’t know why, it doesn’t make sense and it’s not even relevant but there you have it. I did every possible search as I needed to prove to myself that I hadn’t made it up in my head. Woohoo, only 90% nutty. Lars Tunbjörk. Amazing Lars.
See more at the L’agence Vu site, here.

Swedish. Born in 1956 in Boras. Lives in Stockholm.

Whether creating an acid portrait of Sweden, representing the nightmarish world of business offices, tapping into the desolate uniformity of petrified, petit-bourgeois neighbourhoods, examining the state of marginalised peoples in a nation praised for its system of social protection, or exploring the strangeness of a town on the cusp of the Arctic Circle, Lars Tunbjörk has totally forgotten his black and white beginnings.

All his energy is now devoted to the exploration of colour, which he approaches in the style of 1970’s American photographers. This is his starting point for questioning the world, a series of interrogations more than observations, which he develops without pessimism but with an undeniable affliction softened by a biting humour. Over time, his approach has become radicalised and purified by being less and less anecdotal. Consequentially, his series no longer represents characters but rather the often absurd track of their presence and their actions.

-L’agence Vu

Lars Tunbjörk

Lars Tunbjörk

Lars Tunbjörk

Lars Tunbjörk

Lars Tunbjörk

Lars Tunbjörk


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