10 minutes with Henrique Plantikow

When did you first know that you wanted to be a photographer?

I think it happened gradually. I realized I wanted to be a photographer when I started going out and seeing things around me for the 1st time. The camera gave me a reason to go out and explore.

Who are some of the photographers that influence your work today?.
I like the work of Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon, of course, and recently I’ve discovered Melodie McDaniel’s work which is great.

If you could go back 10 years, what advice would you give yourself?
I would tell myself that there are no right ways of creating, you just have to go out and try what works for you. And sometimes what you are taught can actually hinder your creativity, so you have to be careful what advice to take.

Do you have any goals for the upcoming year?
Yes, but I keep it flexible. My number 1 goal is to keep shooting and keep growing. I also plan on working with video.

(Henrique is based in New Hampshire. See more of his work, here.)

Via: http://www.thisisthewhat.com

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