Introducing ultra-thin LED panels

The new ultra-thin light panels are a marvel of LED technology. They are thin enough that we are able to use high quality wood and metal frames (not included) instead of the bulky, snap-together frames used with other light boxes.

In this example we worked with our custom framer to create beautiful, solid wood frames for the finished piece which allow room for an AC power cord. Finally, to make sure the presentation is perfect we face-mounted the transparencies to PlexiGlas for a beautiful glowing presentation.

LED Panel
The fluorescent bulbs often used with Duratrans™ tend to fade the image quickly. We have been testing light panels over the last several months and are excited about the durability and color integrity of transparencies with these new ultra-thin LED panels.

These panels can also be displayed without a frame for a more pronounced effect. The light panel not only illuminates the transparency but also creates a nice wash effect on the wall which the piece is displayed.

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