How We Scan Your Film Negatives

The majority of our scanning clients are aiming for the best quality large format prints. For that reason our scanning standards are different (greater in some ways, and less final adjustments in others) than those optimized for magazine publishing.

The specifications that we scan to are less important than our process but are as follows:

Color: 48 bit RGB
B&W: 16 Bit Grayscale
35 mm @ 6300 dpi
60 mm @ 3200 dpi
4″x5″ @ 2040 dpi

You receive two files. One which is an archive file intended to be kept for the future. This file is the closet representation of the original. This is the best practice in the cultural institution industry ( The second file is adjusted to meet the standards for a proof print and a good start for working towards a perfect museum quality print. If the original is a color negative our process is far superior to labs letting the scanner automate the color correction.

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