The Magnificent Chicken!

Printing Tamara Staples new Chicken series. From the Bearded Belgium D’uccle Mille Fleur to the White Crested Black Polish, these chickens really are the cream of the coop! Tamara’s careful selection of background material really makes these images fun and adds to the unique personality of each breed.

Tamara Staples Photography

The Magnificent Chicken

I am thrilled to announce a new book of my portraits of show chickens.  The Magnificent Chicken, Chronicle Books, will hit the bookstores in March 2013.  I am super happy with the cover, but I have to admit that I was surprised by the shell.  I designed a grid of outtakes thinking they might be the end pages but when the advanced copy arrived I was delighted with this jewel!  There were so many great birds that did not make it into the book, so I was happy to see the images that show the difficulty of photographing a live animal.  Original design:  Maria Grillo, The Grillo Group.




The following post is the latest article in Backyard Poultry Magazine.  I am always impressed by the poultry breeders I’ve met over the years.  These articles aim to pay homage to those people and The Fancy.  The…

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